Robin Thicke Vs Marvin Gaye

Just a quick one people – I’ve been listening to a variety of music today and came across an Old School soul track “Marvin Gaye – Got To Give It Up”.  When the song came on I honestly thought; is this “Blurred Lines”?? There Marvin started singing and I was like “WTF”?? This song is either a huge inspiration to Robin & Pharrell or just a direct copy?…

Anyway please have a listen and let me know what you think??



Tech N9ne – Lick Your Teeth



Hahahaha. I fucking love this song. I just think “licking teeth” is a hilarious way to say your sexually attracted to someone. You’ll also find this on Bad Season. Shout out to whoever put this video together too. Some absolute smoke shows in this compilation. Unfortunately this is all I’ll be able to get up here today, one of the downfalls of working doubles on Friday and Saturday.

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Papoose Goes In On “Control”



Ok I lied. Just heard this response and had to speak on it before I head into work. It was a two man race between Joell and Cassidy for best response yet, but I think Papoose just took the lead. He doesn’t stop at just going at Kendrick, he goes at a bunch of rap’s big names. I was honestly waiting for Pap’s response, because he is one of those dudes who has always had incredible talent but has remained in the streets because he doesn’t give a fuck about the music industry. And, being from New York, I knew that he would have something to say about Kendrick claiming that he was the king of a city he isn’t even from. When he said “that little bitch you fucking told me why she missing your calls, she said your dick was so little that you piss on your…

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20 Songs You (Probably) Didn’t Know Pharrell Produced…

20 Songs You (Probably) Didn't Know Pharrell Produced...

Pharrell Williams is probably one of the best producers in the world. He is one half of The Neptune’s, partnered with the legendary Chad Hugo. Today I have been browsing through various music and entertainment websites and came across an article from “20 Songs You (Probably) Didn’t Know Pharrell Produced”. I thought it was so good, informative and interesting that I have reblog it (in my own words)…

1. Busta Rhymes – “Kill Dem” (feat. Pharrell & Tosh)
Only Pharrell could bring horns and a feel-good flair to Busta Rhymes’ spitting in Jamaican patois. Not the typical sound when phrases like “lick a shot” and “more fiyah” are involved.

2. Ol’ Dirty Bastard – “Recognize” (1999)
Not everyone can say that they were a frequent collaborator with Wu Tang’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard, but Pharrell can. P also blesses the hook on the Neptunes-produced track “Recognize” from ODB’s final album.

3. Madonna – “Beat Goes On” Feat. Kanye West (2008)
The Neptunes produced a whopping seven tracks on Madonna’s eleventh studio album Hard Candy. This particular track is of epic proportions features Madge on a Neptunes beat with a verse from Kanye West.

4. Minimalism rules on Skateboard P’s “Public Garden” beat for Asher Roth’s Seared Foie Gras with Quince and Cranberry. Reminiscent of a classic ’90s sound, the track finds Pharrell shedding his usually futuristic sound.

5. Fall Out Boy – “w.a.m.s.” (2008)
Skateboard P’s expertise stretches across genres. Here, he assists rock band Fall Out Boy for “w.a.m.s.,” a cut from their Folie a Deux album.

6. Blackstreet – “Tonight’s The Night” Feat. SWV & Tammy Lucas (1994)
Before becoming one of the most sought after production duos in hip-hop, The Neptunes were all over the ’90s R&B scene. Take a walk down memory lane with Blackstreet’s “Tonight’s The Night” and reflect on the sound’s evolution.

7. Conor Maynard – “Lift Off” Feat. Pharrell (2012)
Williams took his talents across the pond for young British singer Conor Maynard’s Contrast album. Fun fact: he had been following Maynard’s music for years and tried to sign the young chap.

8. Mos Def – “Murder Of A Teenage Life” (2006)
Once again employing the minimal sounds of classic ’90s hip-hop, The Neptunes let the keys take center stage on this track. A fitting soundtrack for a Mos Def story.

9. Beenie Man – “Jamaica Way” (2000)
Along with producing Beenie Man’s hit single “Girls Dem Sugar” and spearheading the dancehall king’s commercial success, The Neptunes produced another track on his Art and Life album. “Jamaica Way” also features a longtime Neptunes collaborator, Kelis.

10. M.C. Lyte – “It’s All Yours” Feat. Gina Thompson (1998)
More old school flava via The Neptunes’ early years. MC Lyte’s Seven & Seven album boasted two singles produced by Williams and Hugo.

11. Chiddy Bang – “The Good Life” (2010)
Philadelphia hip-hop duo Chiddy Bang’s The Preview EP featured Pharrell’s production on the project’s third single, “The Good Life.”

12. Total – “When Boy Meets Girl” Feat. 112 (1996)
Williams and Hugo tapped the Bee Gees for Total’s “When Boy Meets Girl.” The two also worked on this track with Diddy, back when he still went by Puff Daddy. A real throwback.

13. Scissor Sisters – “Inevitable” (2012)
All the big shots have enlisted the Neptune sound, but the privilege is not limited. The Neptunes also co-produced Scissor Sisters’ “Inevitable.”

14. Daft Punk – “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” Feat. Pharrell (The Neptunes Remix) (2001)
Before there was “Get Lucky,” there was this. A Neptunes remix of the the French duo’s hit was included on the single’s original release.

15. Javier Colon – “Stand Up” Feat. Adam Levine (2011)
In 2011, Javier Colon was crowned The Voice on the show’s first season. And on his first album with Universal Records, the singer released a single featuring Adam Levine and produced by Pharrell. Talk about a win.

16. SWV – “Right Here (Extended Human Nature Mix)” (1993)
You may know this song, but did you know that Pharrell was one of its producers? Listen closely: you’ll hear a familiar voice saying “S-double u-V.”

17. Adam Lambert – “Trespassing” (2012)
Pharrell got behind the boards for the badass title track from American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert’s sophomore album, Trespassing. Stomps, handclaps and guitars make for a good rebellion on this one.

18. Gloria Estefan – “Wepa” (2011)
Williams teamed up with Emilio Estefan Jr. to co-produce the lead single on the legendary Gloria Estefan’s eleventh studio album, Whether you understand the words or not, Pharrell’s horn-infused handiwork ensures hip movement.

19. Pitbull – “Jealouso” (2006)
Pharrell laced Pitbull’s Spanglish with drums and handclaps on “Jealouso,” meshing Mr. Worldwide’s signature sound with his own. The result? Another Latin hip-hop turn up in the 305.

20. Travis Barker – “Come N Get It” Feat. The Clipse (2011)
Picture Blink 182’s Travis Barker slammin’ down the drums, Pusha T and No Malice tag teamin’ with an infectious hook and Pharrell on the beat. No, you’re not dreaming — this actually happened.


You (Almost) Never Have Nothing to Write About: 4.5 Steps to Busting Bloggers’ Block

This is fantastic and inspirational!! I had no time to write today because of work commitments but tomorrow is a blank canvas that will be filled words, pictures and videos. Thank you.

The Daily Post

A blank page can be daunting — as can a blank screen. One of the biggest blogging challenges is also one of blogging’s most fundamental elements: what do you write about? Even bloggers who get off to a great start hit a wall at some point, watching days slip by with no new post. Sometimes, life just gets in the way. More often, “I have nothing to say!” is the culprit.

The thing is, you almost never have nothing to say. What you actually have are a whole bunch of somethings to say — you just don’t think they’re funny/clever/engaging/profound/whatever enough. The next time you come down with a case of I’m-Not-Interesting-Enough-itis, try these four-and-a-half steps.

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