My attitude towards life is to be positive, strong, healthy and do things that make me happy! I have many interests including; Music, Fashion, Technology and Health / Fitness / Nutrition.

I love Music!! I have a huge amount of respect for the industry and all artists from JayZ to Beethoven. I love all types of music including Hip Hop, RnB, Soul, Jazz, Classical, Electronic and House. I like to stay on top of the latest music, news and artists.  So look out for plenty of reviews and links.

Fashion covers such a broad spectrum. It isn’t just about clothes anymore, but is also about style, “the look”, media and class.  It can be so pretentious and snobby at times.  It still shocks me today how shallow and ignorant people can be in this industry, why do they think its “cool” to judge a person on ‘what they wear’ or ‘how they look’? Personally I don’t follow any particular trend, however I do love my clothes and believe that I have a creative eye when it comes to fashion and the arts, so look out for plenty of fashion updates with hints, tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your wardrobe.

Technology is always a cool subject to blog about. Like fashion technology is so broad, which means that there is so much to talk about from ‘phones to robots’ or even ‘Apple or PC’ (Obviously Apple). I openly admit that I am a complete geek and simply just love ‘cool stuff’.  I will be happily updating you on new products that I think are “cool”, a little bit of fun or are in my opinion, an essential part of life lol.

HealthNutrition and Fitness all fall hand-in-hand in my book. Recently I have had a great interest in the above categories and have been experimenting with different foods, practices and ideas that I have either read in books, seen on websites or spoken to people in these industries about.  I will be doing reviews on books that I’ve read, sharing links to useful websites/blogs and uploading recipes.

This blog will be very informative on the above subjects… But “BE WARNED” I do tend to type or speak with an open mind. I can, on the occasion be controversial when stating my opinion on a particular subject matter or.  However, I wouldn’t be ‘Me’ if I didn’t tell the truth.

Thank you.