#FLASHBACK FRIDAY! A Look Back At Trey Songz’ Freakiest Moments (LIST)

Global Grind

Happy Freaky Friday!

It’s #FlashbackFriday and we’re feeling frisky. Our Friday didn’t start with “naughty notions,” but New Orleans singer August Alsina released his erotic “I Luv This Sh*t (Remix)” featuring Chris Brown, and the freakiest R&B singer of our generation –  Trey Songz.

The verses Treysings on “I Luv The Sh*t (Remix)” would make any grown woman blush, but how can you resist the man who does this at every concert?

Yeah, exactly what we thought. You can’t.

In honor of Trey’s freaky past (and future), we rounded up some of Trey Songz’s freakiest moments of all time. From tonguing down a then-married Toni Braxton to simulating sex on stage, we have all of Trey’s naughty nastiness in one place.

Ladies, if you’re out, wait to view this article in the privacy of your bedroom (if you get our drift). Take a look back at Trigga Trey’s freakiest moments.

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